About Susan

Like most successful individuals, Susan Polan has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows firsthand. Her father, after a very successful run as a businessman and inventor, lost his business due to circumstances beyond his control, while Susan was still in high school. And yet, that experience did not discourage her from taking on the challenges of her own business and succeeding at the highest level.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Susan often helped her father in his plumbing supply operation, packing boxes and counting inventory. “I was the apple of his eye,” she says. “But I think he had me doing those things just to work off all of my excess energy.” Always ambitious, Susan began attending Brooklyn College while still in high school, then Sarah Lawrence College, eventually obtaining a Business Master’s Degree. That valuable information, plus what she no doubt gleaned from her father through the years, proved to be more than sufficient as she launched into the South Florida real estate market. Never one to rest on her laurels, she is set to have her best year yet, with hopefully many more to come.

Over the years Susan has built subdivisions, sold homes, and, most importantly, made a difference in the communities and the lives of those she has had the privilege of working with. Even with all of that, she has somehow found the time to work with unwed mothers and help launch a city recreation center, and to speak to those affected by cancer. Today, along with her luxury real estate practice, she is working to find affordable housing for those less fortunate.

And, yes, there have been the inevitable hurdles along the way, but Susan’s positivity and optimism continue to win the day, over and over again. Just in the past few years, she has overcome cancer and multiple surgeries while continuing to work tirelessly at what she loves.

For Susan, quitting because it’s difficult is not an option. And, she is grateful for the individuals who have come into her life and encouraged her to keep going at just the right time. “I feel very lucky,” she says. “I’ve met amazing people along the way who’ve been invaluable to me.” “But, honestly, experience has been my greatest mentor.”